ROLE Architectural DesignModeling + Rendering
USE Shopping Mall
STATUS Proposal
YEAR 2019
FLOORS 3B + G + 3P + 3 Floors


About the project

We are very fond of this design of a little shopping mall set between two giant skyscrapers. Regardless of its size, the mall would definitely attract visitors thanks to its funky and colorful modern look. Shawa Architecture used steel mesh of red color in the design to make the building stand out. There is also a cozy garden on the roof.



A shopping mall is a busy place not just because people go there to buy things, but also to gather together for food and drinks or games and cinema, so both environment and appearance have to be very attractive to the visitors. In this design red color of the mesh is used to attract the customers and the garden on the roof is a nice touch that not all malls have – it is meant to reflect the fact that a mall can also be a place of relaxation.