ROLE Architecture + Interior Design + Supervising
USE Private Villa
STATUS Under Construction
YEAR 2023
FLOORS B+G+1 Floor + Roof


About the project

Shawa Architecture Company is excited to present a remarkable interior and exterior renovation project, centered on a luxurious villa nestled in the premium enclave of Dubai Hills in Dubai. This project exemplifies our commitment to elevating living spaces, blending innovation with sophistication. We’ve undertaken a comprehensive transformation, seamlessly harmonizing the villa’s exterior and interior, resulting in a space that radiates elegance and opulence. Our approach preserves the villa’s original design while infusing it with fresh elements to create an ambiance that is both timeless and contemporary.



Our concept for the Dubai Hills luxury villa renovation revolves around the idea of “Elegance in Contrast.” We have artfully combined contrasting elements to achieve a harmonious and visually striking space. The exterior renovation is a testament to this concept, as we’ve carefully added distinct materials and elements to the facades, subtly altering the overall perception of the villa without major structural changes. A key addition is a two-layer custom aluminium shade that serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose. By strategically filtering sunlight, it creates captivating shadows that enhance the villa’s aesthetic appeal and provide respite from the sun’s intensity in the living spaces.The interior spaces have undergone a bold transformation with a striking black and white color palette, symbolizing the contrast between tradition and modernity. Minimalist elements and furnishings are thoughtfully integrated throughout, emphasizing simplicity and clean lines. We’ve redesigned most of the interior spaces to create an atmosphere of refined luxury and sophistication. To ensure privacy, we’ve made subtle landscape changes that also provide seclusion for the villa’s inhabitants. Adding to the charm of the outdoor area, an outdoor cinema has been introduced, making it a perfect setting for entertainment and relaxation. “Elegance in Contrast” brings forth a unique and visually engaging living space that captures the essence of contemporary luxury in the heart of Dubai Hills.