ROLE Architectural DesignModeling + Rendering
USE Restaurant
STATUS Proposal
YEAR 2017
FLOORS Ground Floor


About the project

QESAT QAHWA is a stylish small take-away café located in the surrounding of the Sharjah University. To attract the youth as well as the residents of the area, we wanted to give the space a fashionable and luxury feel. To achieve this we used high quality materials such as black and white marble, added rose gold elements and emphasized the look of the unique lighting that is of course inspired by nature.
The wall washer used along the floor has a special function of up-lighting the Arabic calligraphy art so that it is visible from the outside.



Who doesn’t like a good live kitchen? At Shawa Architecture, we were happy to work on this project, where we could let the creativity flow. The design is edgy and dynamic – the black walls and ceiling make the space edge less, somewhat open air at night time, where all the attention is at the Chef. The design features a green wall to wall painting that adds a special charm.