ROLE Architecture Design
USE Residential Tower
STATUS Proposal
YEAR 2023
FLOORS 2B+ Gr+ M+ 4P+ 37Typ.+ R


About the project

Shawa Architecture Company is proud to present an exceptional architectural design project – a residential tower situated in the prestigious and prime location of Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi. This project embodies our commitment to shaping the skyline with innovative and sophisticated architectural solutions. The residential tower is a testament to modern design, characterized by clean, straight lines and large window expanses. With a bold and contemporary approach, we’ve incorporated a striking black color for the solid sections of the entire tower, setting it apart as a symbol of elegance and distinction.



The concept for the Al Reem Island Residential Tower encapsulates “Elegant Modernity in Black.” In this design, we’ve harnessed the power of simplicity and sophistication. The tower’s modern architectural features are defined by straight lines and large windows, reflecting a sense of openness, transparency, and connectivity with the surroundings. The prominent use of black for the solid sections of the tower adds a touch of elegance and contrast, creating a striking visual impact against the cityscape. Black represents strength and refinement, and it provides a timeless quality to the building, making it a distinguished landmark in the heart of Al Reem Island. The concept embodies a vision of contemporary luxury and showcases our commitment to creating iconic architecture that stands as a symbol of modernity and prestige. “Elegant Modernity in Black” marks the pinnacle of architectural design, offering residents and visitors a striking visual experience and a testament to the art of modern living.