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 HH Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum and HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan expressed interest in the design, plan and model of a project our Head Architect Amer Shawa was presenting at the Sheikha Manal's Young Artist Award Art Competition that took place in Dubai. The Story of UAE museum project was shortlisted from among 110 submissions sent under the Architecture category, giving the project mock up the opportunity to be displayed at the prestigious City Walk Phase II for a whole week. The unique idea of this particular museum is that unlike the traditional indoor pavilions, the objects would be displayed in an underwater environment while visitors pass through an underwater tunnel. The sculptures are displayed to be observed chronologically to tell the story of the UAE from its birth to the present day. To know more about this project, click here.


eVolo 2017

Architect Amer Shawa participated in the eVolo Magazine's 2017 Skyscraper competition that invited architects from around the globe to create ideas that would redefine skyscraper design reflecting the studies on globalization, flexibility, adaptability, and the digital revolution. The Life Bubble project describes the futuristic concept of a 45 story skyscraper inside a sphere, that would protect everyone inside from the natural disasters. The shape of the  sphere  resembles the Femur bone (thigh bone)  structure  the strongest bone in human body. The tower is located in its center, floating within its magnetic field. The field is generated by opposing magnets between the external and internal spheres. The weight of the tower is distributed equally within the sphere through the magnetic field, which gives it a strong and flexible structure even if the bubble is based on different topographies. To know more about this project, click here.


The Bureau International des Expositions general assembly in Paris awarded Dubai as the host of the EXPO 2020. Few years later, a competition for the best logo was announced. Over 19,000 UAE residents took part in the Expo 2020 Logo competition and architect Amer Shawa also submitted his option. The concept of the logo is the site plan of the EXPO 2020 area set in a frame, inspired by the Dubai Frame. Once in the frame, 7 sections are become clearly visible and are divided according to 7 colors representing the 7 continents. This symbolises that Dubai EXPO 2020 would unite the world as one. The logo says that all countries all over the world are different, yet all bring value and ideas for our future together, and all colors paint one picture. The concept of the frame is also representing the fact that the world will be looking at Dubai, and Dubai will be looking at the world like a window, while EXPO is a window of opportunity to exchange knowledge.


Emaar Development hosted an International Open Design competition for the Design of the Iconic Mosque at the heart of Dubai Creek Harbour, a development where people can live in harmony with nature for generations to come. Architect Amer Shawa came up with the Oasis Mosque concept, inspired by the idea that religion is our oasis in life. The unique concept of the project is that consists of 3 distinguished levels – ground level inspired by sandy dunes, 1st level by the date palm trees and 3rd level by the future we can have staying true to our religion - from the roof one may see the growing skyline of Dubai, with Emaar Creek Tower and Burj Khalifa, as well as the peaceful nature of the Dubai sanctuary. The glass element in the project represents transparency of Islam. The surrounding wall with writings from the Quran was inspired by the fact that the Holy Quran preserves our religion.To know more about this project, Click here.



Dubai, UAE

Level 3, Building C3, DWTC, Sheikh Zayed Road

P.O. Box : 9573

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