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What is the 'LIFE BUBBLE' ?

Life bubble is a skyscraper in a shape of a sphere that resembles the Femur bone (thigh bone) structure – the strongest bone in human body. From the inside there is a half-sphere with a 45 story tower that imitates the shape of the outer ‘bubble’ and is located in its center, floating inside it within a magnetic field. The field is generated by opposing magnets between the external and internal spheres. External sphere has 3 main layers: inner layer is the neodymium magnetic - it is known for its strong and permanent magnetic field; 2nd layer is the structure made from light weight but strong material called graphene; 3rd layer is the MU Metal which is the magnetic shield – it will keep the magnetic field generated inside, within the bubble. The inner sphere also has these 3 layers, but in reverse, so that the magnetic field is kept outside of it. The weight of the tower is distributed equally within the sphere through the magnetic field, which gives it a strong and flexible structure even if the bubble is based on different topographies.

Inspired by

Our planet is in constant change due to many internal, surficial and atmospheric changes. Ever since its formation, these changes have been impacting all living beings on Earth. One of the examples from our time would be that scientists are predicting a significant increase in sunlight that will result in Arctic ice melting much faster. Nowadays architecture is not ready for this, as many coastal cities would disappear completely. We have to think of creating new type of architecture that would be responsive and adaptable in order to ensure protection of lives. Various structures would then stay safe and not affected by increasing chain reaction of natural disasters such as storms, floods, earthquakes and more.

Protection from natural disasters

Protection is based on the external sphere made from graphene which gives it the strength to withstand tornados and other disasters. Also, the way the tower is situated within the external sphere, by the power of the magnetic field gives it stability and shock absorption ability that will protect from external hits, caused by an earthquake, for example. What about rising sea-water levels and coast lines covered with ocean water? The inner half-sphere is designed similarly to a floating boat - it contains a huge cavity space compared to the size of the tower built upon it. It has a surface that is chamfered from below helping it to be stable once the overall ‘bubble’ is in the water, so in case of floods or rising sea levels this cavity will float the whole structure like a boat-cavity does. At the end of the tower there is a large neodymium magnet that will lift the bubble from the inside in its turn and keep it floating and leveled.


The design concept was inspired by the shape of the bubble as it is effectively flexible to various topographies. The shapes of the openings on the bubble are inspired by the thigh-bone tissue formations; thigh-bone is the strongest human bone. Overall structure of the ‘Life Bubble’ is giving  it a strong, pleasing, natural appearance which is harmonious with the surrounding environment.


The inhabitants of this bubble will be able to live there for a long time in case of a disaster without any need for getting any supplies from the outside. The tower has solar panels fixed on the top of the tower and on its middle part, generating necessary electricity. As for water, the way the tower is shaped allows it to capture rain water through its funnel-shaped roof and direct it to the artificial lakes within the forest around the tower, all connected through a water filtration system. As for food supplies, the largest area of the half-sphere surface is used to grow a forest that has many different types of plants and animals that can provide food for a long time. The inner sphere has huge tires on the sides and below it, used to control the rotation of the bubble, which gives a 360 degree view from the tower. The houses were designed to have view of both outside of the external sphere and inside of the internal sphere – the forest, so that it feels that the houses are suspended.

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156,700 SQM



4B+45 Floors









Architectural Design

Modeling + Rendering 




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