Emaar Development hosted an International Open Design competition for the Design of the Iconic Mosque at the heart of Dubai Creek Harbour, a development where people can live in harmony with nature for generations to come. Architect Amer Shawa came up with the Oasis Mosque concept, inspired by the idea that religion is our oasis in life. The unique concept of the project is that consists of 3 distinguished levels – ground level inspired by sandy dunes, 1st level by the date palm trees and 3rd level by the future we can have staying true to our religion – from the roof one may see the growing skyline of Dubai, with Emaar Creek Tower and Burj Khalifa, as well as the peaceful nature of the Dubai sanctuary. The glass element in the project represents transparency of Islam. The surrounding wall with writings from the Quran was inspired by the fact that the Holy Quran preserves our religion. To know more about this project, Click here.